Meet the artist

Cheyenne’s interest in art has been a lifelong pursuit. A few of her mediums are drawing, painting, dancing, meditating, woodwork/pyrography, sewing, beading, tile and grouting, pottery, modeling, voice acting, graphic design and more to come. 

  The 80’s hold a special place in her heart as the highlighter colors and outrageousness remind her of coral reefs and forests in full bloom of life. Where Prince and his unstoppable love rocks the world into a more accepting place and Sheila E. lets out a shout that would make even the shyest come out and play this game called life. Love is the answer, she found, and an outrageous passion for life no matter what she’s doing. 

      Cheyenne is Jemez Pueblo with Tsalagi woven in and she is the sole operator and owner of All rights reserved.